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Student Testimonials


"I have been tutored by Ms Adele in VCE Chemistry for almost a year and a half now. In our sessions, I can consolidate the Chemistry concepts I have learned at school and seek clarification on topics I struggle with. She provides amazing resources that aid my learning and practice test questions that support my SAC and exam study. We go through these, and she teaches the most efficient ways to answer questions and provides great explanations for questions I need help with. As a result, my grades have improved from an average of 60% to 80%, and most importantly, my confidence has greatly improved!"


"I have had the privilege to be taught by Ms Adele from Year 10 to Year 12. From day one, she had created a comfortable learning space where everyone had their rate of learning yet was still appreciated. Ms Adele always ensured she explained topics in different ways to accommodate everyone’s learning abilities. Things like diagrams, videos, and real-life demonstrations helped me fully understand many topics. I had always walked out of chemistry class with a new piece of knowledge and had little to no difficulty in understanding the area of study. Her joy in chemistry was always showcased and it made my learning experience feel so much better. Chemistry had always been an area of science I did not quite like nor understand. But her various teaching methods made digesting the information so much easier and it made chemistry my favourite subject by the time I graduated." 


"Ms. Adele has been an incredible help over the past year and a half, transforming my results from a 70% average in Units 1 and 2 to a 90% average in Units 3 and 4 with minimal effort from my end! Her teaching style ensures a thorough understanding of each concept and creates a comfortable environment for asking questions and seeking extra help. I appreciate how she breaks down complex topics into manageable parts and uses real-world examples that make the content a lot easier to understand. Her tutoring has greatly boosted my confidence, keeping me consistently ahead of the class and providing valuable resources and exam tips. Thanks to her guidance, I no longer dread Chemistry assessments but look forward to them. She has turned Chemistry from a subject I used to procrastinate on to my current favourite and most enjoyable subject!"


"Ms Adele taught me Chemistry from Year 10 to Year 12, and she was the most organised, approachable, and friendly teacher I have ever had. Her teaching style included various methods to effectively convey the concepts we needed to learn. She approached problem-solving from different angles, ensuring that all the material covered in class was thoroughly understood by her students. She created an engaging and enjoyable classroom environment, making the learning experience fun and interesting. Ms Adele provided numerous resources and practice questions for exams and SAC, ensuring that students were well-prepared. If you are looking to improve your grades and deepen your understanding of Chemistry, she is the best teacher for achieving excellent results."

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