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"Ms. Adele has tutored my children in VCE Chemistry, and in my experience, she has been an outstanding educator. Ms. Adele goes above and beyond to ensure her students are well-prepared and confident to sit their SACs and exams. She is always well-prepared, enthusiastic, and patient. She dedicates herself to her students, and consistently adapts her teaching style to best suit each student's unique learning needs. Her deep knowledge of Chemistry and her ability to make complex concepts understandable have been instrumental in my children's academic success.


Beyond her exceptional teaching skills, Ms. Adele also provides valuable study techniques and exam strategies that have greatly benefited my children. She takes the time to offer personalized feedback and is always available to answer questions, providing support outside of regular tutoring sessions. Her approachable and encouraging nature has helped build my children's confidence and fostered a genuine interest in Chemistry.


You will struggle to find a Chemistry tutor with as much experience and excellence as Ms. Adele. My kids have nothing but good to say about her, often praising her for making their learning experience enjoyable and rewarding. Her passion for teaching and commitment to her students' success are truly commendable. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a top-notch Chemistry tutor."

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